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Transforming the Future of Public Health in Missouri

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From Our President,

It is with great humility that I have the honor to present this message to the membership of the Missouri Public Health Association and other stakeholders of the public health system in Missouri. In July, the MOPHA received formal notification that funding for phase 1 of the Transforming the Future of Public Health in Missouri project (TFPH) was approved. Funding for the project will be provided by Missouri Foundation for Health and the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City. Total funding for phase 1 of the TFPH project will be $267,222 and the official start date will be September 1, 2017. The MOPHA would like to extend our extreme gratitude to these foundations for their support, guidance, and participation in the TFPH project. Without their commitment and support to improving public health in Missouri, this project would not be possible.

The MOPHA would also like to acknowledge the support and partnership that has been developed with Support KC which will be acting as the fiscal agent for the project. This new partnership between MOPHA and Support KC will add increased capabilities and value to the project as we move forward.

In the coming weeks, MOPHA will begin finalizing grant management logistics with Missouri Foundation for Health, the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City, and Support KC. As part of this process, MOPHA will begin the search for a project manager, a communication coordinator, and a facilitator for the stakeholder convening sessions. These contract positions will be vital to accomplish the work in phase 1 as we convene stakeholders and initiate planning.

We will also begin the process of identifying dates for stakeholder meetings and meetings with the Missouri Association of Local Public Health Agencies (MOALPHA), the Missouri Center for Public Health Excellence (MOCPHE), the Missouri Environmental Health Association (MEHA), the Missouri Institute for Community Health (MICH), and other organizations representing public health professionals.

Throughout this process, the Missouri Public Health Association will be the lead organization. But, in order to be successful, MOPHA will need to actively seek and receive input from other stakeholders through collaboration and partnerships. Transparency and communication about the project will also be extensive and important for success. A robust, comprehensive communication strategy will be developed so that information can be received from and shared with stakeholders.

The TFPH project is an opportunity for all public health professionals and stakeholders to impact the future of public health through participating in crafting a vision for the future of public health in Missouri. It is also an opportunity to identify solutions to current challenges and strengthen the voice of public health in Missouri. The transformation of the public health system is the best investment that can be made to ensure a capable public health system exists in Missouri. This is necessary to successfully deliver the foundational public health services; improve health outcomes; and address future public health challenges. A coordinated, efficient, effective public health system is vital to provide a solid foundation for our communities, schools, economy, health care system, criminal justice system, visitors and residents of Missouri. Without an effective public health system, these other vital institutions of a healthy society will face increased challenges and difficulties serving a population with increased chronic health conditions.

As this project begins, it’s important to note that we simply can’t do this alone. Your participation is vitally important and necessary to change the future landscape of public health in Missouri. As we begin shaping this future landscape, we will continue to provide additional information as to how you can contribute to transforming the future of public health in Missouri. This is truly an exciting time in public health and we look forward working with you as we create a bright and healthy future.


Robert Niezgoda,

President, Missouri Public Health Association